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Life and Divine Mentorship:

why this is for you






"Life and Divine Mentorship offers you the powerful combination of

Mentorship, Healing and Self Mastery

of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your life."

Starting our journey to wholeness and Self Mastery can be overwhelming as there is so much information out there. Not to worry, we have tried and tested

the best of what is available.

Ishvara offers practical tools, healing and ritual so you can connect with your inner guidance, effect the changes you yearn to make,

overcome the obstacles inside yourself and be fully present to your life.



Coming back to the true purpose of our life is not a linear process and each one of us has a unique constellation of explorations to make and experiences to gather.

If you have reached a point where you are willing to commit to your Self and know you need guidance and healing to give you the strength, clarity and courage you need, please feel free to book a Discovery Call below.

"Your journey with me starts here"

A discovery call allows you to meet me in person, ask any questions you might have and test me before you work with me. It also gives a good experience of how real and involved the level of mentorship will be. The first step is at no financial obligation to you so jump right in.






All of you is welcome here:

...Overwhelmed by life, and not enough energy or willpower to cope

...Riding waves of emotions, depression, anxiety, mental obsessions and addictions

....Struggling with chronic pain and illness

...Tired of feeling you are never ‘enough’

...Looking always to please everyone else

...Stress from a drive to constantly over-achieve

...A yearning to belong and for support, that never goes away

...Lacking direction and higher perspective

...Feeling stuck and uninspired, disconnected from yourself and your life

Self mastery, Life Mentorship and Healing helps you

Grow into your power and self authority

Kick the fear, anxiety and self sabotage that holds you back.

Explore your unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body systems and find where you can fill the gaps and call on your strengths.

Find the toolkit, healing and support you have been looking for.

The Highest Goal: 

Self mastery 

The Higher Self is the compass that helps us connect to our true purpose. We lose this connection for a variety of reasons; disbelief, trauma, stress, memories and negative interference from a variety of sources. Negativity in all its various forms causes us to doubt our path, it steals our love of life, our inspiration, joy and vitality.


All the mystic and spiritual traditions of this earth carry the same essenceand teach us that we have the capacity to connect with our Highest Self and walk the path of Self Mastery and connection with our Divine Self. The journeys of the great Masters like Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Quan Yin, Lao Tzu, Babaji, Yogananda, St Germain, Guru Nanak and so many others show us that this is possible! It also gives us faith and confidence that anyone can walk the path of Self Mastery and true life purpose.


The transmutation and transformation of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies is vital on our journey to Self Mastery. Self mastery is a journey of alchemy; to transcend and transmute negativity in its various forms. Correcting our often unseen negative habits, behaviours and karma (the physics of cause and effect, what you reap so shall you sow).


In order to do this we need genuine connection, unconditional love, acceptance and guidance, practise and healing to restore our imbalances and negativity back to light, love, inner peace and abundance.


"Come and join me to find your true purpose

and excel at what you came here to do"



Life is busy, stressful and overwhelming, we need time for rejuvenation, nourishment and connection with our Soul. Combining Healing and Mentorship offers an oasis for you to retreat from your busy life.


In an atmosphere of peace and calm it is easy for us to explore the deeper dimensions of Self and find lasting inspiration.

spiritual life coach


Mentorship gives you the opportunity to explore all the dimensions of your being with genuine connection, clear guidance and loving presence

Lets take a look at where you are and how you got here. We will map your human and soul journey together to discover your inner resources, strengths and gifts. Strengthen your gaps, find hidden beliefs and self sabotaging behaviour.

self mastery

Self mastery

You have four distinct and separate bodies, each with a unique perspective: a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. The ideal is to respect and listen to all

four bodies simultaneously.

In order to achieve Self Mastery  we need to achieve union, integration, and balance of the four bodies. 

To achieve Self Mastery we will look at the tools and practises you need to take your best next step.

Image by Rajarshi Bhadra


"Elizabeth is like a real-life angel, this is the best description I could come up with, that would fit what she has been for me these last two years. She is always there, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, I perceive her calming presence all the time, in a very non-invasive way. Because she would never invade any space she is not allowed to. Even if she would be allowed, Elizabeth knows exactly where to draw the line with her advice & the helpful Wisdom she shares.
Her guiding voice during mantra meditation sessions is magical & truly one of the many great gifts she has!"


—  Dr. Daria Chobrok , Sweden

sweden national flag


Overcome the obstacles inside yourself that keeps you from thriving.


Effect the changes in your life you are yearning for. Stop being tired of yearning for change, learn to take practical steps. 


Connect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self and become your own ally and best friend. Yes, this is possible and there are very real steps you can take towards Your Self.


Be fully and joyfully present to your life. Not just happiness, but light the flame of joy that keeps burning no matter what life brings.

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